WYDOT Issues Update on New Teton Pass Temporary Detour, Reopening and More

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) announced that with the help of teams from Evans Construction, they are closing in on completing the makeshift detour that would allow the reopening of WY Highway 22, commonly known as Teton Pass, according to a recent press release from the WYDOT. WYDOT has announced a tentative date for re-opening the pass thanks to the work from engineers, geologists and construction workers involved. This re-opening would cut worker commutes by and hour and a half, and allow tourists to once again flow swiftly between the Idaho and Wyoming sides of the Teton Mountains.

According to Freeskier, On June 8th, 2024, a large section of winding road that makes up Teton Pass collapsed as the ground beneath it gave way. The road had given signs in the previous days that alerted crew to the instability, such as large cracks in the road and saturated soil. The road had been closed on and off during the 48 hours that preceded the accident, and thankfully no civilians or road crews were present at the time of the collapse.

This new detour will not alter much of the usual travel on Teton Pass. The road crews have moved mass amounts of earth at milepost 12.8 to construct a new section of road on the inside of the bend. The detour will have a paved section of road with two 12-foot lanes, one going in each direction. There will also be concrete barriers to ensure safety for those traveling. They’ve also reinforced the road’s stability, making extra efforts to use, “quality material to build a solid foundation for the road.” Currently, WYDOT has reorganized the landscape and is preparing to pave. The recent press release stated that WYDOT plans on opening shortly after paving is completed. For the time being, however, travelers heading between Tetonia, ID and Jackson, WY are still asked to take US 26 through Snake River Canyon.

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