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The National Cybersecurity Strategy: A Guide for Critical Infrastructure Owners and Operators

A top national security priority and to protect critical infrastructure, the Biden administration released the National Cybersecurity Strategy. The strategy of which is a far-reaching document that sets forth a vision for the nation’s public and private cyberdefenses.

Seeking to shift some burdens of mitigating cybersecurity risks from end user and critical infrastructure operators best positioned to make meaningful advancements in security and resiliency, the strategy emphasizes realigning incentives favoring long-term investments for the private sector.

According to Morgan Lewis, the Strategy is organized around five pillars:

  1. Defend critical infrastructure.
  2. Disrupt and dismantle threat actors.
  3. Shape market forces to drive security and resilience.
  4. Invest in a resilient future.
  5. Forge international partnerships to pursue shared goals.

Each pillar contains specific strategic objectives designed to build on prior programs and guide the implementation efforts of governmental and private sector entities.

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