Harbor Bridge Replacement Project on Schedule for Spring 2025 Completion

The new Harbor Bridge is on schedule for a 2025 opening.

Work continues on the new bridge, which is designed to withstand hurricane force winds. It is also being built with materials meant to last up to 170 years, Flatiron/Dragados told 3NEWS.

The project does not require scaffolding or support beneath when the two sides meet over the ship channel because the bridge is being built symmetrically using a method called “Balanced Cantilever Construction.”

“All of the anchorage is at the towers and within the segments and there’s nothing in the water,” Flatiron/Dragados spokesperson Lynn Allison said. “It will be a much taller bridge than the existing bridge and a much wider bridge at the horizontal level.”

According to Microsoft Start, The current bridge has 138 feet of clearance beneath it. The new bridge raises that number to 205 feet of space above the water.

Flatiron and Dragados have collectively built 32 cable-stayed bridges worldwide, ten of those being in the United States. They have completed three cable-stayed bridges while working together as partners.

According to Allison, the project is about a year away from being finished. It is currently on track to be open to traffic by late next spring.

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