Arkansas Department of Transportation Speaks on Retaining Wall Collapse on I-630

A retaining wall up collapsed against Interstate 630 traffic, drawing some concern from drivers.

Just below the Pine Street exit, the damaged section is 100 feet wide on the westbound side of the interstate.

According to Yahoo! Much of the collapsed wall currently rests against bowing metal supports. Some bricks had spilled onto the shoulder before the Arkansas Department of Transportation moved them to the other side of the guardrail, with caution cones still marking where they were.

According to ARDOT, the damage was caused by heavy rain saturating the ground behind the wall and pushing the wall out until it crumbled.

One of the drivers passing the spot almost every day is Tuesday Staley. She said she first noticed this retention wall collapsed weeks ago.

“It’s an Interstate, so people are hauling back and forth, and with that being all along 630, when is the next piece going to fall?” Staley asked.

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