Communities in Florida Receive Funding for Broadband Infrastructure Projects

Communities in Suwannee, Hamilton, Gadsden, Lafayette and Franklin counties are to receive money from the government as Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the latest round of funding for broadband projects statewide.

According to ABC 27, cities of Live Oak, Fort Union, Lake City, Greenfield, Jasper, Buckville and Hatchbend, the towns of Branford, Jennings, Mayo, White Springs, and the unincorporated communities of Dowling Park, O’Brien, McAlpin, Rixford, and Day– ($22,615,314.97) to add 2072.42 miles of fiber optic cable to provide 1,640 unserved locations within Suwannee, Hamilton, Columbia and Lafayette counties with symmetrical download and upload speeds of 1GB.

City of Apalachicola – ($825,075) to add 10.11 miles of fiber optic cable to provide 373 unserved locations within Franklin County with symmetrical download and upload speeds of 1GB.

“High-speed broadband Internet is important infrastructure for Florida communities and will generate economic development activity and a talented labor force,” said Governor Ron DeSantis in a statement. “Florida is proud to make investments in broadband Internet infrastructure that will benefit all Floridians and make long-term impacts in communities across the state.”

The governor’s office said the latest statewide award will total more than $247 million and connect more than 59,000 unserved and underserved businesses, homes, farms and anchor institutions like hospitals and libraries to high-speed Internet.

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