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CISA Expands Scalable Cybersecurity Services to Protect the Broader Critical Infrastructure Community

Over the years, cyber attacks have increased immensely, affecting the day-to-day operations of organizations across our nation’s critical infrastructure sectors. Such attacks, such as Volt Typhoon, have demonstrated the intent and technical ability to disrupt our critical infrastructure.

According to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), in response to this evolving threat environment, CISA is excited to announce a pilot program designed to deliver cutting-edge cybersecurity shared services on a voluntary basis to critical infrastructure entities that are most in need of support. CISA has acted as a managed service provider to the federal civilian government for years and observed significant risk reduction along with the benefits of cost-savings and standardization. Leveraging a new authority provided by Congress, we are eager to extend our support and enterprise cybersecurity expertise with non-federal organizations that require additional assistance to effectively address cybersecurity risks.

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