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White House Releases National Cybersecurity Strategy

The White House recently released its third National Cybersecurity Strategy. This Strategy is centered around five pillars that represent what the administration is looking to build and enhance in collaboration.

Those pillars are: (1)

  1. Defend Critical Infrastructure
  2. Disrupt and Dismantle Threat Actors
  3. Shape Market Forces to Drive Security and Resilience
  4. Invest in a Resilient Future
  5. Forge International Partnerships to Pursue Shared Goals

According to JD Supra, to realize the vision the Administration lays out in these pillars, the White House will make two fundamental shifts in how the United States allocates roles, responsibilities, and resources in cyberspace. First, the Administration aims to rebalance the responsibility to defend cyberspace. The goal is to shift responsibility from end users who have limited resources and competing priorities to the owners and operators of the systems that hold data and make society function, as well as the technology providers that build and service these systems.

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