US State Department Unveils Cyber and Digital Policy Strategy

The newest cybersecurity strategy from the US State Department won’t deviate significantly from existing positions, yet it presents an alternative route compared to those advocated by the nation’s adversaries.

According to the Register, the US secretary of state described the United States International Cyberspace and Digital Policy Strategy as treating digital solidarity as the country’s “north star.”

The four areas of action in the plan include promoting “an open, inclusive, secure, and resilient digital ecosystem,” aligning with international partners for “rights-respecting” digital and data governance, building coalitions that will counter threats to cyberspace and critical infrastructure, and collaborating to build out digital and cyber capacity, including that which can combat cyber threats.

In his speech at RSA, Blinken mentions China twice – once in a call to strengthen supply chains, citing China’s dominance in production of critical minerals, and again to reference attacks from Beijing on US critical infrastructure.

The latter earned China the label of “broad and unrelenting threat” from FBI director Christopher Wray last month.

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