U.S. Spy Agencies to Share Intelligence on Critical Infrastructure in Policy Revamp

Under a revised policy document slated for signing by President Joe Biden on Tuesday, the U.S. intelligence community will be mandated to disseminate information regarding threats to critical infrastructure to the owners and operators of said systems.

According to Cyberscoop, the highly anticipated revision to Presidential Policy Directive 21, which governs how the federal government interacts with and protects critical infrastructure, comes amid a sharp increase in cyberattacks against entities like water treatment facilities, the electrical grid and communications providers.

The revised document aims to improve the flow of information between the federal government and the businesses responsible for operating U.S. critical infrastructure.

“America faces an era of strategic competition where state actors will continue to target American critical infrastructure, and tolerate or enable malicious activity conducted by non-state actors,” Caitlin Durkovich, Biden’s top homeland security adviser who was a key figure in rewriting the document, said during a call with reporters Monday. “Resilience, particularly for our most sensitive assets and systems, is the cornerstone of homeland defense and security.”

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