U.S. Department of Energy Unveils Cleanup to Clean Energy Initiative, Proposes Solar Projects at Former Nuclear Sites

The first proposed projects under the Cleanup to Clean Energy initiative have been revealed by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). This program is designed to transform DOE-owned lands into hubs for generating clean energy.

According to Solar Quarter, launched in July 2023, the Cleanup to Clean Energy initiative aligns with President Biden’s climate objectives and responds to the directive outlined in Executive Order 14057 and the accompanying Federal Sustainability Plan.

Executive Order 14057 mandates federal agencies to achieve 100% clean energy by 2030 and authorizes the utilization of land for clean energy generation development through leases, grants, permits, and other mechanisms.

Two developers have proposed projects for the Idaho National Laboratory site: NorthRenew Energy Partners plans to install over 300 MW of solar capacity alongside battery energy storage on approximately 2,000 acres, while Spitfire intends to deploy 100 MW of solar capacity coupled with battery energy storage on about 500 acres of the site.

DOE has indicated its intention to offer additional opportunities for development at the Idaho National Laboratory site.

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