The Minnesota Department of Transportation Conducts Yearly Bridge Inspection in Wabasha

According to MNDoT, annual bridge inspections are crucial for monitoring the seasonal wear and tear caused by Minnesota’s rapidly fluctuating temperatures.

For larger bridges, such as the one in Wabasha, state inspectors use snooper trucks and drones to access and document the condition of all parts of the bridge, including the deck, supports, and other structural components both above and below the bridge.

According to Woxow, while this bridge may be done for the season Dougherty said there are still many roads and bridges left to be inspected in the region.

Dougherty also emphasized that during these inspections it is important for drivers to be mindful of the employees who are working on the roads, by driving slowly and following the instructions on the department’s signs. 

The next major bridge inspection the district has scheduled in the region will be on the eastbound Highway 43 bridge in Winona.

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