Pritzker Unveils $41 Billion Program for Infrastructure Projects Over Next Six Years

Gov. JB Pritzker proposed a $41 billion program to invest in the roads, bridges, public transit, rails, and waterways of Illinois. After several successful years of rebuilding Illinois, this will be the state’s most significant construction program.

According to WAND, $9.8 billion is earmarked for 44 transit projects across the state and $2.6 billion has been set aside for 27 rail projects. IDOT hopes to use $1.25 billion for 334 airport improvement plans and invest $185.8 million in 30 projects on major waterways.

“Through this program, we are boosting our local economy,” said Sen. Doris Turner (D-Springfield). “We’re creating more jobs and those are good-paying union jobs. It’s not just a job. It’s a career and an inter-generational investment in our communities.” 

Rep. Sue Scherer (D-Decatur) said this expansion will improve safety and travel time to ensure Illinois remains a leader in transportation.

“We have huge growth happening in both Springfield and Decatur when it comes to road projects,” Scherer stressed. “Things that haven’t happened in decades are happening.”

$125.9 million will be used for additional lanes and reconstruction along roughly 8 miles of I-55 in Sangamon County. That includes ramp repairs and other improvements from Sangamon Avenue in Springfield to 2.7 miles south of Illinois 123. IDOT has also committed $25.8 million for resurfacing 10.2 miles of I-72 and U.S. 36 with ramp repairs on U.S. 51 from Decatur to Forsyth.

“Because of the poor condition of our state’s infrastructure, it is going to take a significant amount of time to get us where we need to be,” said Sen. Steve McClure (R-Springfield). “But the last few years have been a great start, and I look forward to continuing to see projects that benefit the 54th District over the next few years.”

Pritzker noted that the multi-year program could improve over 3,000 miles of roads and just over 9.8 million square feet of bridge deck. There is also anticipated funding to maintain 738 miles of roads and 1.1 million square feet of bridge deck overseen by local governments.

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