McKee Administration Receives $6.6 Million From the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law To Support Clean Energy, Energy Security and Energy Resiliency Efforts

Rhode Island’s Office of Energy Resources (OER) will be receiving a combined total of $6.6 million in federal funding from the U.S Department of Energy’s (DOE) Grid Resilience State and Tribal Formula Grant Program and the State Energy Program (SEP). The funding overall is about $6.6 million; the Grid Resilience State and Tribal Formula Grant Program will be giving $3.4 million and $3.2 million from the State Energy Program.

According to Governor, Dan McKee, through the Grid Resilience State and Tribal Formula Grant, Rhode Island will work to address electric resilience threats through a bottom-up approach to identify innovative projects with robust municipal collaboration and the state’s three utilities. Under the administration of the OER, Rhode Island will hold a competitive selection process to identify projects for which federal funding will be deployed.

The SEP funding will be used to help support the administrative and programmatic tasks at OER and fund the following initiatives:

· 2025 Climate Change Emissions Report

· Clean Energy Workforce Needs Assessment

· Microgrids for Critical Facilities Feasibility Program

· State Energy Security Plan

The states, territories, and tribes will then award these funds to complete a diverse set of projects, with priority given to efforts that generate the greatest community benefit while providing clean, affordable, and reliable energy.  

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