Introducing the City’s First-Ever Public Works Procurement Forecast

The City of Philidelphia has already been awarded around $300 million for infrastructure upgrades. Some of this money will be used to create jobs and promote equity in Philadelphia

According to the city of Philidelphia, The City also aims to seize the opportunity to grow generational wealth for Philadelphians as we upgrade our road, water, energy, and resiliency infrastructure.

The citywide goal is for 35% of City contracts to go to minority, woman, or disabled-owned (M/W/DSBE) businesses, and to grow the City’s Office of Economic Opportunity Business registry of M/W/DSBE certified firms. Many of the federally-funded projects utilize the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program.

The City wants eligible contractors to know how to become DBE or M/W/DSBE certified and be well prepared to submit competitive responses to contract opportunities.

All contractors performing work for the City are a key partner in achieving this vision. Equitably growing the infrastructure economy will require government and the private sector working together. Giving small and diverse-owned contractors a good sense of the anticipated work provides useful information as they network with other companies and prepare competitive bids.

The procurement forecast includes expected projects over the next 18-24 months and the list will be refreshed every six months. Accounting for over $340 million of upcoming work, the scope of work crosses multiple trades and upcoming demand for prime contractors and subcontractors in fields such as highway and bridge construction, electrical installation, water and sewer structures, manufacturing, trucking and warehousing, and general labor and equipment operation.

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