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Infrastructure Trends From NLC’s Center for Research and Data Analysis

As 2024 begins, it is important for local governments, of all sizes and geographies, to keep an eye on key trends impacting their communities. The National League of Cities (NLC) Center for Research and Data Analysis staff highlights a few key takeaways from recent research that will continue to inform and be of interest in the year ahead to help stay ahead of the curve.

According to NLC, key areas include but are not limited to,

Municipal Finance

Against the backdrop of elevated but moderating inflation, cities can expect to see continued real growth in their tax revenues in the coming year, enabling the expanded funding of public services and infrastructure projects. At the same time, local governments are engaging in cautious budgeting headed into 2024, which may prove to be beneficial in the long run, as they have built up significant fiscal reserves and avoid excessive spending. Check out NLC’s recent report: City Fiscal Conditions 2023.

The State of the Cities

From lingering pandemic impacts to economic uncertainty to heightened service demands, the past few years have been challenging for cities. That said, local leaders are resilient, optimistic, and determined to rebuild their communities better than before, while continuing to work with their state and federal counterparts. Top priorities headed into 2024 include infrastructure improvements, budget management, public safety, local economic performance related to business and job creation, and mitigating housing insecurity. Learn more about the range of priorities local leaders are focused on in NLC’s recent report: State of the Cities 2023.

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