FBI: Disruptive Chinese Attacks Against US infrastructure Imminent

FBI Director Christopher Wray warned that Volt Typhoon and other Chinese cyberespionage activities are gearing up for extensive disruptive attacks on U.S. critical infrastructure by 2027 if the U.S. intervenes in China’s dispute with Taiwan, as reported by CyberScoop.

According to SC Media, more than a decade after it began targeting oil pipelines’ control and monitoring systems information, China — which has already gained a hacker network that is 50 times larger than the FBI’s cyber personnel — has since set sights on U.S. energy, telecommunications, and water organizations as it strengthens its capability “to physically wreak havoc on our critical infrastructure at a time of its choosing,” said Wray in a speech at Vanderbilt University.

Such potentially severe attacks have already prompted federal agencies to prioritize resources aimed at strengthening critical infrastructure defenses as part of this year’s budgets, Wray added.

“A few years ago, we might have said China represents the most significant long-term threat. That’s no longer the best way to describe the danger,” noted Wray.

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