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Experts Worry US Infrastructure Can’t Keep Up With Growing Energy Demand

While technology is progressing at unprecedented speeds, there are concerns among experts that the United States might face energy shortages that could hinder the sustainability of this growth.

According to WCNC, sustaining all of these amazing advancements takes a lot of power and a historic amount of electricity. But now many companies are realizing those needs don’t necessarily match the government’s clean energy goals.

One of the biggest drivers of these massive power draws is data centers. These are facilities that essentially account for every single thing that happens online and can often require a city’s worth of electricity to run.

Now, these are issues that are affecting us here at home, and our bottom line. Big companies like Apple, Google and Meta all operate major data centers in North Carolina. As the demand for electricity increases, providers like Duke Energy are looking to increase the amount people pay for power so they can fund the growth needed to keep up.

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