DOE Releases $2.7B RFP for Low-Enriched Uranium to Expand Domestic Nuclear Supply Chain

The Biden administration intends to grant a minimum of two contracts, lasting up to 10 years each, for the production of low-enriched uranium sourced domestically.

According to Utility Dive, the RFP published Thursday “will help spur the safe and responsible build-out of uranium enrichment capacity in the United States, promote diversity in the market, and provide a reliable supply of commercial nuclear fuel to support the energy security and resilience of the American people and domestic industries, free from Russian influence,” DOE said.

Developing domestic LEU capacity will ensure an adequate fuel supply for the existing U.S. nuclear fleet as well as the deployment of advanced reactors, according to the agency. The RFP seeks LEU from either new domestic sources of enrichment or expansions from existing producers, which DOE will then sell to utilities operating reactors.

The Biden administration “is helping jumpstart uranium enrichment capacity here in the United States, which is critical to strengthening our national security and growing our domestic nuclear industry,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said. Announcement of the RFP underscores America’s commitment to remaining the global leader in nuclear energy for generations to come.”

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