Billion-Dollar Investments Propel Bridge Repair, Replacement Projects

Bridges across the United States are getting a second chance at life thanks to federal, state and local funding.

According to Constructive Dive, approximately $14.4 billion is spent yearly to repair, rehabilitate or replace bridges in the U.S., according to the American Society of Civil Engineers. However, that yearly amount has increased and will continue to increase because the backlog of critically needed bridge repairs is estimated to be $125 billion.

Many of the bridges in America were constructed during the bridge-building boom of the 1950s that correlated with the country’s expansion of suburbanization and development of the Interstate Highway System. Unfortunately, those bridges are now reaching the end of their service life.

With about 50,000 U.S. bridges with very significant issues awaiting attention, an estimated 40% of them can be rehabilitated, but at least 35% will require a complete replacement. Bridge projects will represent a large portion of all infrastructure improvements over the next decade. Contractors of all types will be needed to meet the anticipated high demand.

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