Biden Announces $930M to Expand and Strengthen America’s High-Speed Internet Networks

The Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) are going to expand middle-mile high-speed Internet infrastructure across 35 states and Puerto Rico.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the $1 billion Middle Mile program funds the construction, improvement, or acquisition of middle mile infrastructure, along with administrative costs associated with running the program. Middle-mile projects do not directly connect end-user locations.

“The Middle Mile program is a force multiplier in our efforts to connect everyone in America,” said Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communication and Information Alan Davidson. “Middle Mile infrastructure brings the capacity to our local networks and lowers the cost for deploying future local networks. These grants will help build the foundation of networks that will in turn connect every home in the country to affordable, reliable high-speed Internet service.”

New Middle Mile Grants

  • The middle mile projects will cover over 350 counties across 35 states and Puerto Rico.
  • The projects will deploy over 12,000 miles of new fiber that will pass within 1,000 feet of 6,961 community anchor institutions.
  • All projects use future-proof fiber as the primary technology.
  • Awardees are investing an additional $848.46 million of outside match funding into the projects.
  • Grants span from $2.7 million to $88.8 million, with an average award amount of $26.6 million.

Background on the Enabling Middle Mile Grant Program

  • Over 260 applications were submitted totaling $7.47 billion in funding requests.
  • Applications for the Middle Mile program were due by September 30, 2022. NTIA extended the application deadline to Nov. 1, 2022, for eligible entities that submitted applications for projects that would deploy in certain areas impacted by natural disasters.
  • To raise awareness of the program and guide prospective applicants, NTIA performed extensive outreach, including hosting 12 public office hour sessions, conducting four public webinars for prospective applicants, and participating in six industry-led conferences to discuss the Middle Mile program.
  • Eligible awardees for the program included states, Tribal governments, utility companies, telecommunication companies, and nonprofit entities. For a full list of eligible entities visit InternetForAll.Gov.

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