Biden Allocates $115M to Upgrade Jackson, Mississippi’s Water Infrastructure

The Environmental Protection Agency has pledged to give $115M to the City of Jackson, Mississippi to assist with the water infrastructure. This will insure that those who reside within the area have access to safe and dependable drinking water.

According to Milwaukee Courier, last year in August 2022, Jackson’s water system was already grappling with problems, including aged and leaking pipes, as well as malfunctions at its treatment plants. The situation took a turn for the worse when severe flooding hit the city, causing the main water treatment plant to fail. As a result, approximately 150,000 residents were left without access to safe drinking water.

President Biden secured an unprecedented $600 million in disaster supplemental funding for the City of Jackson under the Consolidated Appropriations Act, or bipartisan 2023 Federal budget. This initial $115 million award to the Jackson Public Water System will be used to stabilize and rebuild the city’s water infrastructure. These activities include identifying and fixing leaks in the distribution system, developing a system-wide assessment of valves and hydrants, ensuring adequate pumping capacity to maintain water pressure and distribution, and developing a system stabilization and sustainability plan.

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