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Baltimore Key Bridge Collapse: Dali Container Ship Refloated, Moved to Marine Terminal

The massive container ship responsible for the deadly collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge nearly two months ago was refloated Monday morning and towed to a port, revealing a new gap in the city’s skyline.

According to AOl, the MV Dali, a Singapore-flagged neopanamax container ship, had been grounded in the main shipping channel of Baltimore Harbor since striking the bridge on March 26. Six construction workers on the bridge at the time died in the collapse.

Around 7 a.m., during high tide Monday morning, tugboats were seen maneuvering the hulking ship out of the collapsed wreckage. Pieces of the bridge’s steel poked out from the ship’s bow as a mass of concrete from the collapsed roadway remained piled on top.

As crews began to slowly tow the ship to a marine terminal, a void in the city’s altered skyline could be viewed for the first time since construction of the Key Bridge was completed in 1977. The opening also highlighted the progress of the ongoing cleanup efforts as hundreds of tons of twisted steel have already been removed from the collapse site.

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