Amid Extreme Heat, US Infrastructure and Transportation Systems Buckle Under Pressure

The nation’s transportation system was made to withstand the all forms of weather. However, with temperatures rising, U.S. Infrastructure is struggling.

According to NBC, the heat dome scorching the U.S. has been pushing the nation’s infrastructure to the limits. As millions of Americans face sweltering heat conditions, many have also been left stranded by disruptions in the nation’s transportation systems that buckled under extreme temperatures.

Extreme heat can also be hard on roads and cars. When temperatures reach triple digits, roadways can buckle, resulting in costly damage that disrupts travel and leads to unsafe road conditions

According to AAA, there is also a higher demand for emergency roadside assistance due to increased car breakdowns during heat waves: car batteries may corrode, tire pressure could falter and the engine may be too hot for fuel to circulate well.

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