Advancing Local Action on Climate Change: Federal Funding Opportunities for Community Resilience

According to the National League of Cities (NLC), Attendees at NLC’s 2024 Congressional City Conference (CCC) had an in-depth opportunity to speak about innovations, opportunities, and challenges for addressing climate change, advancing clean energy initiatives, and building community resilience. This blog is part of a series highlighting key takeaways from CCC on issues at the forefront of municipal governance. Read our first blog on resources for addressing water infrastructure and environmental protection challenges here.    

Through presentations from federal leaders and engaging peer-to-peer roundtable discussions, city leaders explored strategies for implementing flood-resistant infrastructure and green spaces, energy-efficient building retrofits, renewable energy installation jobs, and community solar and energy assistance. Through interactive sessions and individual meetings with federal agencies, CCC attendees gained vital connections and valuable insights to address their most urgent problems. 

A major focus of these discussions centered on the Justice40 initiative, which seeks to allocate a minimum of 40 percent of the benefits of specific federal investments to disadvantaged communities. Justice40 embodies the commitment to ensuring fair distribution of resources and opportunities, closely aligning with the objectives of local leaders working to improve the welfare of their communities.  

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