A Year Later, Chinese Hacks of American Infrastructure Are Going Strong, Officials Warn

Top cybersecurity leaders say the threat of cybersecurity is still as palpable as ever nearly a year after the U.S. government first named and shamed an ongoing Chinese hacking campaign against American infrastructure

According to AXIOS, Last May, Microsoft and the National Security Agency publicly outlined how Volt Typhoon was stealthily lurking inside American infrastructure — in some cases, maintaining access to those networks for at least five years. Officials have seen evidence of the group targeting electric grid operators, shipping ports and water systems, according to reports.

But Volt Typhoon hasn’t changed its behavior — even after a series of U.S. congressional hearings, advisories and botnet takedowns, Jen Easterly, director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), told Politico late last month.

Volt Typhoon doesn’t rely on sophisticated tactics to break into systems. It’s just the group’s persistence — paired with many infrastructure operators’ lack of resources — that makes this threat unique, experts say.

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