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Infrastructure Investments in the City of Albuquerque

As the population in Albuquerque continues to grow, the desire for exceptional infrastructure gets stronger.

By Mayor Richard J. Berry

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Highway Projects Move Forward

Nebraskaís highway projects have prospered in 2013. Preparing for a new year, the state has high hopes for highway success.

By Governor Dave Heineman

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9 Million Gallons a Day

Sugar Landís new surface water treatment plant helps prevent subsidence and provides high quality drinking water.

By Cristina Paz

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A New Bridge for the New Year

After a long construction period and tedious building strategies, the Stan Musial Memorial Bridge stands tall in Mississippi and is a sight for sore eyes.

By Stephanie Ornelas

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A Century of Excellence

The Historic Lincoln Hall, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, earns LEED Platinum rating.

By Cristina Paz

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Journey through New York Subway History

New York City is home of many things that are known throughout the entire county. Its subway system is one of them, being is the most extensive public transportation system in the world.

By Stephanie Ornelas

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Big Plans for Infrastructure in the New Year

Good news: several new bills have been introduced to start improving the nationís infrastructure.

By Cristina Paz

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Will the "Do Nothing Congress" Actually Do Something?

A look at federal infrastructure priorities in 2014.

By Julie Minerva

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Maine Supports Upgrading Infrastructure

Maine strives to provide its residents with the safest and most efficient transportation system possible.

By Paul LePage, Governor of Maine

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Small Town Efforts to Provide Water to Residents

Toledo, Oregonís water source infrastructure allows for a reliable long-term drinking water supply.

By Frank Anderson & Michelle Amberg

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Virginiaís P3 Program

I-495 Capital Beltway Express Lanes are open and bring the largest improvements to the Beltway in a generation.

By Manuel H. Lazerov

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Tht State-of-the-Art In The State of Hawaii

Overhaul of emergency warning communications anticipated to trigger wave of hybrid satellite & cellular technology across the nation.

By Bob Patnaude

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Protect Yourself from the EPA by Building Right

As the EPA crackdown continues, municipalities must protect themselves from serious fines.

By Peter Tourian

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The AI Interview: Brian P. Kelly

Secretary, California State Transportation Agency

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