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Feature Story

AMCC Strengthens Military Family Quality of Life

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune has become home to three LEED certified neighborhoods

By Sergio Flores

Articles from our current issue

I-405 Expansion Project Utilizes Innovative Hydro-Excavation Techniques

Innovative solids dewatering and reuse yields hundreds of thousands per month in cost savings and complete on-site water reuse

By Jessica Burger

Alaska’s Expansive Infrastructure Continues to Grow

The pioneer state has a number of extensive infrastructure projects in the works

By Bill Walker, Governor of Alaska

The Largest U.S. Underground Filtration Plant Gets Activated

Located upstate, this water source can provide up to 30 percent of New York City’s daily water needs

By Jessica Burger

Enhancing Austin’s Water Source

Water Treatment Plant 4 enables Austin to draw from Lake Travis

By Tamara Philips

Bridging the Gap between Generations

New York City celebrates the reopening and restoration of its oldest bridge, the Bronx’s High Bridge

By Devon Douglas

Departments from our current issue

Water Shortage at an All-Time High

California cuts water usage from public projects to Independence Day celebrations Read more

By Tamara Philips

The Dilemma of Public-Private

An overview and insight into recent trends, advantages, and caveats of PPPs Read more

By Manuel H. Lazerov

Indy Invests in an Electric Carshare Service

‘BlueIndy’ will not only bring carsharing services, but also 1,000 public electric charging stations to 200 locations throughout Indianapolis Read more

By Mayor Greg Ballard

New Transportation Plan to Improve Highways and Bridges Statewide

PenDOT's new transportation funding plan, Act 89, accelerates highway and bridge project work on 558 bridges over the next three years Read more

By Leslie S. Richards

Accelerating Sustainable Stormwater Infrastructure Investments

Community based public-private partnerships offer a new approach to delivering much needed stormwater infrastructure that reduce overall project costs, accelerate infrastructure implementation, and prioritize social and environmental benefits Read more

By Seth Brown and Kristina Twigg

Outreach Aids Environmental Justice in Transportation

An effective outreach and communication effort is essential to any transportation or infrastructure project but never more so than when Environmental Justice (EJ) communities are within the project area. Read more

By Marlene Pissott

Public and Private Funding Keep Infrastructure Safe

In Chesapeake, Va., a combination of private and public funds are keeping bridges and roads up to date Read more

By James Baker

The AI Interview

EPA’s Regional Administrator for the Pacific Southwest Read more

Jared Blumenfeld

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