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San Francisco: Maintaining Sustainability

If sustainability is the mark of the modern city, then San Francisco has to be considered our municipality of the year. According to Siemens’ Green City Index, San Francisco is the most sustainable city in North America.

By Mike Brennan

Articles from our current issue

Power in the Wind

The Broken Bow II wind farm is creating jobs, revenue and sustainable energy in Custer County.

By Kristen Cervantes

Grove Water Treatment Plant Expands

Grove, Oklahoma adds 4MGD to their newly enlarged water treatment plant.

By Lacy Allen

Charlotte’s Innovative Turbine Interchange

NCDOT has taken steps to coordinate construction work on three separate projects that will complete I-485 and widen I-85 in the Charlotte area. Using this fast-track approach will help save money and speed up completion.

By Mike Brennan

After Katrina, Hospital Provides Hope

New Orleans East Hospital, rebuilt after the devastation, is our Building of the Year.

By Mike Brennan

“City of Bridges” Adds 12th Bridge

Tackling Portland’s growing population problems today.

By Lacy Allen

A Straight Line to Economic Opportunity

The re-established rail line provides an alternative for movement and delivery of freight to area businesses and improves efficient operations.

By Carina Calhoun

Departments from our current issue

Decrease in Fuel Price Increases Holiday Traffic

Concern about our nation's infrastructure takes forefront. Read more

By Lacy Allen

Balancing Infrastructure Finances

Funding for building projects influences the legislative process and policies such as the creation of a national infrastructure bank. Read more

By Manuel H. Lazerov

Complete Streets Program Makes Roads Safer for Everyone

The initiative is gaining ground as a way to reduce traffic-related deaths and improve community health. Read more

By Li C. Wang

Sustainable Strategy Expands in the Midwest

Clark’s EarthRight helps communities fight off mosquitos and stay green. Read more

By Lyell Clarke

A Look Back at Urban Tree Policy in 2014

More states are planting trees to improve air quality and reduce stormwater. Read more

By Graham Ray

Nebraska’s Direction: Projects Improving Highways

Nebraska is working to improve its highways while making sure citizens can travel safely. Read more

By Gov. Dave Heineman

The AI Interview

Ed Rendell, Co-Chairman
Building America’s Future
Former Governor of Pennsylvania Read more

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