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Investing to Build a Better Community

Charlotte’s Community Investment Plan prepares the city for continued growth and competitiveness.

By Mayor Daniel Clodfelter

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The Six Million Year Old River

12,000 years’ worth of human habitation along the Colorado River valley have cultivated many innovative ways of harnessing the power of the river to meet the diverse needs of the rapidly growing population.

By Marco Martinez

Honolulu’s Sand Island Treatment Plant

Sand Island’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, which aptly sits on its Honolulu beachfront property, looking out onto the Pacific’s interminable pristine waters, is undergoing major system modifications since it was constructed.

By Marco Martinez

Innovative Building to Save Lives

The newly renovated Parkland Hospital in Dallas was modernly reconstructed to sustain, endure and most importantly to provide a better atmosphere for its staff and patients.

By Stephanie Ornelas

Renovated Road Safe for Drivers and Environment

The Nevada Department of Transportation efficiently and effectively impacted the city of Carlin by retrofitting and rehabilitating the I-80 Carlin Tunnels to be sustainable and safe for all drivers.

By Stephanie Consiglio

Floating-In the Columbus Road Lift Bridge

American Bridge, a leading participant for the improvement of civil infrastructure, performed the “float-in” operation of the new lift span of the Columbus Road Lift Bridge in Cleveland, OH.

By Marco Martinez

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The AI Interview

Sandra Ralston
WEF President

September 27- October 1
New Orleans, LA Read more

Reinventing Water Control Across the Nation

The drought and weak water infrastructure has caused California and most of the nation a troubled year infrastructure. Read more

By Stephanie Consiglio

Overcoming Barriers to Creating P3 Projects

Understanding the current status of public-private partnerships will help us to better utilize them. Read more

By Manuel H. Lazerov

Wyoming is Building for Tomorrow

We recognize that improving the infrastructure in our state is an investment for the future. We have already begun. Read more

By Matt Mead, Governor of Wyoming

The Future of Water Reuse

With the nation in a drought, the reusing of water is now more important than ever. Here are ways water treatment plants can help. Read more

By Dr. Phil Rolchigo

McKinney is Working Towards the Future

The city of McKinney has been working diligently on its infrastructure improvements including their historic downtown area, various highway projects and enhancements to the city’s parks system. Read more

By Jose Madrigal

Strengthening Public Engagement in Transportation

Technology geared for public participation can reach more people, solicit more input, and be more cost efficient toward transportation and infrastructure altogether. Read more

By Marlene B. Pissott

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