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Sandra Ralston
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September 27- October 1
New Orleans, LA

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Boats Travel over Great Terrain on the Great Lakes

A dam and lock system has made Lake Superior one of the most efficient and effective boat transport systems in the world.

By Stephanie Consiglio

Making a Difference One Gallon at a Time

The Robert B. Diemer Treatment Plant delivers up to 520 million gallons of treated water per day and believes in providing only the healthiest water for its citizens.

By Stephanie Ornelas

Future is Bright in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is working to make sure their citizens as well as their infrastructure stand healthy and strong.

By Mayor Mick Cornett

Savannah’s Road Project Ready for Travel

After waiting several decades, the efforts put into the Harry S. Truman Parkway were well worth the sweat and hard work.

By Stephanie Consiglio

Building the Pinellas Bayway Bridge

After many years and much debate, the new Pinellas Bayway Bridge is finally here. The high-level fixed four-lane bridge will provide better traffic flow for commuters in the Pinellas county area.

By Marco Martinez

Strong Foundations for Sustainability & Education

The University of Wyoming completed construction on its Energy Innovation Center with the hopes of enlightening its students with sustainable solutions to share with the world.

By Stephanie Ornelas

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Analyzing US Infrastructure and the Direction it's Heading

The economy may be improving, but different sectors must join together in order for the improvement of infrastructure to continue upward as well. Read more

By Stephanie Consiglio

Budget Battles and Environmental Sustainability

Environmental goals do not disturb the U.S. job market. Read more

By Manuel H. Lazerov

Supporting a Thriving Economy

The global marketplace offers significant opportunities for our economy, but only if we make sure we’re able to deliver top quality products at short-order speed. Read more

By Montana State Governor Steve Bullock

Form Follows Parking: Inspiring Modernism

A utilitarian parking structure can be a whimsical focal point for building projects. Read more

By Benjamin Kasdan

Led By Our Environment

The city of Tallahassee isn’t famous for their beaches, but for their forestry and waterways and water management and sustainability is a huge priority for city officials and the community. Read more

By Anita Favors Thompson

High Speed Railway Essential to Economic Growth

The high speed rail system will not only decrease traffic congestion and help the economy, but it is the safest and greenest form of transportation. Read more

By Andy Kunz

The Makings of a Successful Public-Private Partnership

Public-private partnerships allows for better public improvements, while maintaining efficient performance for projects. Read more

by Anita Sabine

Big Efforts to Manage Storm Water and Save Energy

Many states are improving the way they manage storm water as well as preserve necessary utilities. The state of Texas is one of them. Read more

By Graham Ray

Michael Murphy

Director of Civil Engineering, Ware Malcomb Read more

Director of Civil Engineering

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